The New Zealand government wishes to see a reduction in the environmental effects arising from land transport1. Transport noise and vibration is one such effect that can cause a range of impacts on people and communities from general interference with everyday activities to more significant effects such as sleep disturbance. The Transport Agency has adopted an Environmental and Responsibility Social Policy that addresses these effects.

This website is intended to provide a range of information and tools to help ensure that transport noise is managed in an effective and efficient manner. The material is likely to be of interest to land use and transport planners, road designers, traffic engineers, urban designers, environmental managers as well as acousticians and the general public. The Highways Information Portal provides additional information on Transport Agency processes.

The site and the associated Environmental toolbox provide basic noise calculators, a records system for construction noise management, guidance on noise management and mitigation measures, templates and case studies.

1Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding 2012/13 - 2021/22


Recently added content

  • The State highway guide to acoustic treatment of buildings has been finalised
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  • Arras Tunnel community engagement case study
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